Welcome Friends!

Hello everyone! Welcome to Holly Belle Beauty! On this blog I plan to unleash my powers (read: obsession) of all things beauty and cosmetics upon you all! I plan on posting swatches and reviews, dupes, hauls, skincare reviews, top fives, general tips, quick and easy tutorials, hard and long tutorials, and plenty of general musings about makeup and life malarkey too.

If this sounds good to you please click follow and throw a few comments and likes around, I’d love you to come along for the ride! Thanks for stopping by!

P.S. On Googling Holly Belle Beauty I found that Holly Belle is also the name of a fairly prolific pornstar. I thought I would just clear this up now and let you know that we are not one and the same, I have never been and am not planning on being a pornstar in the near future.* I am just too stubborn to change my blog name. Holly Belle smacks too much of a modern day Belle from Beauty and the Beast for me to let it go.

* Although on thinking about this I would quite like to do her makeup. Think of the long-wearing challenges!


Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful


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