Review – Bondi Sands Tan

Hello again my friends! Today the focus is on something I have only recently discovered – tanning!

I guess really it was semi-recently, it was in February that I was first introduced to the magnificence that is fake tan! Myself and six of my friends dressed as Wonderwoman for the Wellington Rugby Sevens. The night before we were all treated to a Sugarbaby tanning tutorial by my very experienced friend. I was dubious and more than a little terrified of ending up with streaky orange legs in front of thousands of drunken people, even with her repeated reassurance.

But when I woke up the next day and shoved my legs out from under the covers to discover gorgeously brown limbs akin to those just back from a week in Jamaica, I was like a kid on Christmas morning. Right then and there I was converted – the next day (after my hangover had subsided slightly) I went out and bought my very own bottle of Sugarbaby Spray Tan. So yes, I was late to the party, but now I have well and truly arrived!

Tools of the Trade

Sugarbaby is the only tan I’ve tried before this, it works really well for me, it’s not too orange, it’s easy to apply and the developed colour is beautiful. But then I saw Karissa Pukas’ tanning video and had to try out Bondi Sands! It retails for $24.50 in NZ whereas Sugarbaby is $29.99. Not a huge saving, but worth a try! Bondi Sands is green based instead of orange based, which is great for olive skin tones and I think gives a more natural look all round. I purchased both the foam in Dark and the spray (oh Karissa what are you doing to my wallet!?) and applied them with my Pure Tan tanning mitt.Β  Sugarbaby

The first thing I noticed was how dark the guide colour is. This was great and made for easier application, but also was a little daunting when I applied a bit too much! I did the majority of my body with the foam.Β One thing that I did notice when applying the foam was that it didn’t seem to like being pushed over already tanned areas, for example when you do your calf and then move onto your thigh, when pushing the tan down towards the calf it would kind of bunch up and then it was quite hard to blend out, leaving scary looking patches.

Once my body was done I applied the spray on my feet and hands and face. I had thought the spray would apply like a fine mist without the need to blend out, but it actually came out in big blotchy droplets. Maybe I didn’t shake it enough, because it didn’t look like it did that in the video! But I just used my hands to blend the drops out and wiped my palms with a makeup wipe. No harm done!

My face, however, had a mini-meltdown when I sprayed the tan onto it. My skin got all red and angry for a few minutes, like an allergic reaction. This might have been because I’ve been using nothing except for World Organics skincare (stay tuned, review coming soon!) for a couple of weeks now and the chemicals may have been a little harsh for my coddled skin. Anyway, the redness went away within a couple of minutes, but maybe the reaction could be worse for someone with sensitive skin. Or maybe you won’t get one at all!

So the application procedure was all a little stressful! When I was done I wore a bathrobe for about an hour, then threw on some really sexual loose pajamas to sleep in.

In the morning the tan looked gorgeous! A little darker than the Sugarbaby is on me and the finish looked really flawless. Interestingly none of the patches that looked so terrifying the night before actually showed up on the finished tan, so I was worried for nothing. I only had a few telltale streaks around my wrists and on my hands and ankles, from where I hadn’t blended the spray in properly, but I think this would get better with practice. I wiped the smell and the guide colour off with a little soap in the shower, then followed up with some Lush Dream Cream to moisturise my skin. This I happened to already own, I didn’t buy everything that Karissa had in the video! Well, ahem, maybe I bought the Frank body scrub too.

So now I am nice and brown, fresh back from my week in the tropics! I put a quick snap of the developed tan on my legs below, sorry for the awkward foot photo! All in all I would repurchase as the Bondi Sands is darker than Sugarbaby, I think I just need a little more practice to refine my application technique.

What do you think? Have you used Bondi Sands or Sugarbaby? Any dreadful tanning stories? I’d love to hear your thoughts!



Brown legs!