FOTD – Easy Naked 2 Eyes

Today’s FOTD was an easy everyday look using the Naked 2 palette. I kept it simple with light coverage on my skin and neutral eyes. I really like the way this look turned out!

FOTD - Naked 2

Primer – Benefit’s Porefessional to smooth everything out. I love using the Porefessional under powder foundations as it adds a little bit of extra coverage and actually does hide my pores, just like it says it does!

Foundation – Revlon’s Nearly Naked loose powder foundation in 030 Medium. I love the silky finish of this powder, it covers most imperfections and doesn’t look cakey on the skin. I like wearing Nearly Naked when my skin is having a few problems – which it is right now! – so it can still breathe and improve during the day.

Blush – Benefit’s Coralista. This coral blush shade is really flattering on most skin tones, and quite shimmery too so it doubles as a highlight which is a good time saver! I pulled mine out of my TropiCoral box set – that’s why it looks a bit whack!

Bronzer – MAC Skinfinish Natural in Medium Deep. Skinfinish Natural is actually a foundation shade that I was given, but as it’s far too dark for me I use it as bronzer and contour shade around the edges of my face. It gives a really natural amount of colour to my complexion and isn’t too orange like some other bronzers.

Brows – Benefit’s Gimme Brow in Medium/Dark. Quickly becoming a Holy Grail product, this stuff! The better I get at using it the more I love it. It’s a quick way to fill in your brows and the tiny fibers in the product are great for bulking out thin brows.

Eyes – The Naked 2 palette by Urban Decay. I used Chopper (shades pictured below) across the lid to add a little sparkle and bring my eyes forward, then put Tease through the socket with a big blending brush. With a smaller brush I ran Busted along the outer third of the lash line to make my lashes appear fuller, and finished it off with Bootycall on the brow bone and in the inner corners to highlight those areas and pull my eyes apart. Then I went in with Tease in the socket again, just to pull the look together. I love this eye look for daytime, it’s just the right amount of shimmer and definition without looking too overdone.

I do like the Naked 2 palette, but the one I have is a fake! I bought it off TradeMe (NZ’s version of Ebay) thinking that I had scored a bargain but realised as soon as it arrived that it was fake, the packaging felt pretty tinny and the mirror was all warped. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a refund so I just started using it! The shadows themselves are actually okay, they have a pretty good colour pay off and are not too chalky, but they’re not fantastic like the real Naked palettes are said to be. For the price I paid for this fake one I wish I had just shelled out the money for the real Naked 2, but at least I can get an idea of the shades! Maybe one of these days I’ll upgrade and pick up one of the other real Naked palettes. Any recommendations?

Naked 2 Shades Naked 2 Shade 4Mascara – Collection’s Does It All 5-in-1 mascara. This Collection mascara is amazing for the price! Collection cosmetics have just arrived in NZ (apparently the third biggest brand in the UK? Any UK girls please let me know what you think of it!) and I am loving this mascara. It’s about $18NZD (which believe it or not is cheap here) and it’s a perfect dupe for Benefit’s They’re Real, which retails for $52! It doesn’t make my lashes too spidery or clumpy, just coats them each individually for a really fresh and clean look.

Lips – Clinique’s Chubby Stick in 04 Mega Melon. I love Clinique Chubby Sticks! They are moisturising on my lips and the colours are nice and sheer. This melon colour has an almost golden sheen to it which I really like wearing when my skin is tanned (which it is right now thanks to Bondi Sands – stay tuned, review coming soon!).

And voila! Here’s the finished product! The photo didn’t pick up much of the eyeshadow colour, but it was a beautifully warm-toned neutral eye. I really need to get a better camera than the front one on my iPhone – I promise it actually looks like I have makeup on in real life! Hope you all like it – let me know what you think, and what you think of the Naked palettes too!



FOTD 2 Finished


Lady in Red

I wrote this post a few years ago on my other blog thoughtsandrainstorms, happily that favourite lipstick (Clinique Berry Freeze) is still going strong! I still love this piece and every now and then if I’m feeling down I’ll go back and read over it for a bit of a pep talk before swiping on something shamelessly bright. I hope you enjoy it!

I lost my favourite lipstick three weeks ago and it surprised me how upset I was. It is an unusual, warm brown, like cinnamon. My mother, always complimentary, says it makes me look like a South American beauty when I wear it. When I finally found it yesterday – in my glasses case for which reason, I have no idea –I was euphoric. I swiped it on immediately, and spent the afternoon happily smacking my lips together and smiling at random at different objects around the room.

I love the gleeful brazenness of lipstick. A bold slash of red shining through a sea of pretty pinks and beiges. The perfect brown lusciously swiped across smooth lips, making velvety tanned skin all the more confident. Shocking Barbie pink worn with a short white skirt and doe like eyes.

I even love the stamp it leaves on everything it touches, hated by some but happily accepted by lipstick wearers. An affectionate kiss on a postcard, an accidental smear on a man’s crisp white shirt collar, the perfect curve of colour left on the lip of a coffee mug. As Napoleon Perdis said in his Forever Flawless (a beautiful book full of amazing make up tips and even more amazing inspiration and reasons to love your age) – a lipstick mark is the make up equivalent of shouting ‘I am woman’.

Maybe you are a lipstick veteran like my aunty Jenni, who has all kinds of purples, corals, browns and even a few frosty white ones in her arsenal (I think the frosty ones might be left over from the early nineties), or maybe you’ve never strayed further than salmon pink or slightly lavender hued lip glosses. It might be time to rethink your abilities, along with your self-created boundaries on how far you can go, how much you can change. Who cares?

Be someone else for a day, you may just find that someone else is just the you who has been waiting to shine. When I wear lipstick I stand a little straighter, walk a little taller. I become the lady in red – and I never wear red. It may feel like your lips are a beacon, attracting attention from all directions. That’s because they are. But it’s not just the jaw-dropping colour. It’s you. It’s the way you wear it, the fact that you chose to stand out, and what that says about your badass sense of self.

You are fabulous – don’t you ever forget it, not for one second.

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